We are happy to announce that the Fishery Community Center under construction on Sumbawa is almost complete! As discussed previously, this mini plant (so-named MP-1) serves as the manifestation of our commercially sponsored and community-based fishery management model, which will meld together both raw material processing facilities and an integrated community resource center.

After months of construction, the Center is beginning to solidify. With much of the external structure in place, we have begun installing and testing electrical and plumbing systems. This includes our refrigeration systems and cold storage freezers–key components that will help maintain higher quality fish and generate greater value for fishermen. We’re working to ensure our facility operates under top food safety standards, with initial actions in motion for British Retail Consortium (BRC) food safety certification.

We’ve almost completed hiring all of the supervisory-level employees and will soon start the hiring process for factory staff. Also critical to the Fishery Community Center model are the auxiliary services we intend to integrate alongside processing capacity. To actualize this ambition, we have begun the process of raising funds for an educational center, gear shop, fisheries management center, and micro-finance bank. In our view, a truly sustainable model of fisheries can only be achieved through this holistic approach.

Next steps involve addressing any additional fixes and putting on the finishing touches to the interior and exterior, including hardscaping the traffic areas around the facility. For a look at what we envision as the final product for the Center, see the rendering below.

With merely weeks of construction left, we are chomping at the bit to officially launch the Center and see the first few pounds of high-quality, artisanally caught fish start to come through our processing lines. Further, with 10 additional vessel tracking systems recently installed on artisanal vessels, we’re getting ever closer to robust data collection for even the smallest boats in our supply chain.

As always, we’re very grateful for the highly skilled and dedicated team we have leading the construction efforts. Stay tuned for the final update and unveiling of the completed Center!

Current Construction Progress of the Center!

Side view of the center, with shiny new lighting!